TV Announcers:

Agnes Moushon and Linda Keown


         Agnes Moushon is the Producer/director of the Orion Connection TV and Radio Program, and has been a member of the Seventh-day Adventist church for the past 70 years.  Agnes is a retired Probation Officer, serving the Peoria County, Criminal division for 24 years.   She has an Associate Degree in Corrections, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Studies, and a Masters Degree in Social Justice.    Agnes, along with Roger Pumphrey and Pastor Peter Neri, developed and organized the Orion Connection Program in November of 1986, and the program was aired in February 1987 for the first time on Ch 20, the Public Access Station in Peoria, Il.   Since 1987 this program has been a constant weekly reminder to all in the surrounding community of the Love of God in music, praises and messages from the Bible, showing how God cares for His people.

    Linda Keown, is a retired Court Reporter, and in addition to being  Church Clerk, she has been the Lead Announcer for the Orion Connection TV  Program for the past 6 years.   In addition to those Church Offices, Linda is also very active in other Church activities such as:  serving on committees of the Red Cross Blood Drives, the Antique Car shows, Youth Skating outreach, Hospitality and Social Committees, and any other projects that might arise.   Linda is a “People Pleasing Person”,  and it shows.