History of Orion Connection



The Orion Connection is a TV Ministry of the Richland Seventh-Day Adventist Church located in Chillicothe Illinois


The Orion Connection is taped every Saturday at 2pm on the stage in the gym of the Richland Church. We are blessed to have so many folks from the local community, and churches, in the Chillicothe/Peoria area volunteering to come to the studios and sing for the program. For anyone interested in singing or playing an instrument on this program, auditions are taken by appointment. To make an appointment please call 309-274-9117 or 309-446-9787. Those accepted will be featured in upcoming airings of the Orion Connection. Please note,  this is a Christian and Gospel Music  program, so only Christian music will be accepted.



Our MISSSION in this world is gleaned from the words of our Lord, 


  Our Lord also said,   “HE THAT CARETH NOT FOR HIS OWN , HATH DENIED THE FAITH, AND IS WORSE THAN AN INFIDEL”. (1Tim. 5:8)   There are some who think of the “MISSION FIELDS” as some far away place.   We, the staff at Orion Connection, have come to believe that a great “MISSION FIELD” of friends, family, and neighbors, exist right outside our own doors;  and many could be calling to us as the Macedonia people did, “COME OVER AND HELP US”.   That is our MISSION FIELD.   And our MISSION is to just make sure that we do our part in sowing the seed for the Gospel of our Lord.  Then, we will leave the reaping  to the Holy Spirit.