In addition to the TV programs, the Richland Church (usually referred to as, Richland Bridge, Fellowship) serves the community with Praises and Worship Services every weekend.


          The general public is invited to Worship with us any Sabbath (Saturday).   Bible Study (referred to as “Sabbath School”) begins at 9:30 Am. That includes several Adult Bible Classes, Cradle-roll, Primary, and Junior Classes, as well as a Young Adult Bible Study Class; with Young Adults leading out in the department.

                                                         SHARING ONE SPECIAL FEATURE AT RICHLAND


On behalf of this newly planted Seventh-day Adventist Church, known as the Richland Bridge Fellowship, the Orion Connection Director and Staff consider it a privilege to share some of the additional features that are offered here at Richland.


          Of special recognition is the Prophecy Room, where a replica of the "Wilderness Sanctuary" is on display, and open to the public (by appointment or Sabbath visits).   This display is here for the express purpose of a detailed study of the Sanctuary.


          It is our belief that a comprehensive understanding of the "SYMBOLS"  found in the Wilderness Sanctuary, are necessary for a full understanding of the sacrifices and services that were administered there daily.   It is so helpful in our Christian walk when we understand how the services administered in that sanctuary, relate to what our Lord is doing in the Heavenly Sanctuary for us at this time while we are waiting for His return to this planet to redeem His own.


          A question to our fellow Christians would be:  "Do you know, and are you interested in knowing, that Psalms 77:13 says  "Thy Way, O God, Is In The Sanctuary"?


          As serious Bible Students, some of us have asked ourselves a similar question,  "If God's Way Is In The Sanctuary, then why don't we study the Sanctuary more in detail so we will understand God's Way?   In answer to our own question, we have given much more time to the study of the Sanctuary.   And as a result of that study, the idea of developing a replica of the Wilderness Sanctuary, to be used as a visual aid, became a reality; and we are sharing that information with other Churches and Bible students.   Not that we can boast of having all the answers, but what we do have we are willing to share with other Christians.


          So___, if you have an interest in a study of the Daily Services that continued in the Earthly Sanctuary until,  "The Vail Of The Temple Was Rent In Twain From The Top To The Bottom"  (Matt. 27:51)  and, if you would like to know what happened then, and, if you would like to know what has been happening in the Heavenly Sanctuary since that time, then I think we can help you in your studies on this subject.   Just call Agnes, at  309-369-3840.   We will find time to study God's Word together.


          The replica of the Wilderness Sanctuary at Richland was conceived, developed, and constructed by:  Robert Condor, Agnes Moushon, and Donna Willey.   Many thanks to the Dorcas ladies of the Knoxville Ave. SDA church for providing the Angelic coverings for the Sanctuary proper.


          e-mail:  agnesmoushon@yahoo.com