The Orion Connection TV programs are produced and  directed by Agnes Moushon.   And it is with pleasure the following volunteers are recognized and given credit for the many hours of time and energy that have been given to maintain these programs.



REGULAR SPEAKERS: Dr. Rod and Donna Willey, Joy Moushon, & Ramon Irizarry 


AUDIO CONTROL: Todd Stark, Blair Pumphrey


CAMERA OPERATORS: Rick Wilson  & Townya Rogers 


ANNOUNCERS: Donna Willey,  Joy Moushon,  Agnes Moushon   


ORION SINGERS:  Stevee Miller, Loren Wilmot, Kathy Hohenberry, Ellen Bedford 


Kathy, Loren and Stevee have been singing for the Orion Connection for the past 26 years.   Many thanks to all those mentioned for freely sharing their talents.