In the fall of 1986, a young Seventh-day Adventist Preacher stood on the sidewalk of the “Outer Drive” on Lake Michigan, in Chicago, Illinois, and stared up to the top of a 45 story apartment building.   Completely occupied with the task of sharing the love of God to a dying world, he asked himself, “How in this world will we ever reach the occupants of homes like these, (with the modern security locks and answering devices) to share the saving grace of Jesus Christ?


          About the same time a Probation Officer returned to the Probation Office after a day of “Home visits” to the people on probation that were assigned to her caseload, and actually asked herself the same question.   After all, she knew how difficult it was becoming to gain entrance into the homes of the Probationer clients, (not to mention the general public) in her community and county.   Crime was on the increase, and people were staying behind locked doors, afraid to open up to strangers.   Even Probation Officers with badges and the law behind them were having difficulty gaining entrance into the houses.


          Ironically, another young man, who was not a religious man at that time, but had a desire in his heart to be around church people, contacted the Adventist preacher and the Probation Officer who attended the Adventist Church.   At that time he was video-taping another church in the area.   He offered to video-tape, and help direct and produce what would later become known as “THE ORION CONNECTION” TV  program.   The costs, equipment, and manpower were worked out, and the ORION CONNECTION is now entering 31 years of presenting a TV program in this community with sermons and special music on the love of Jesus Christ.  The answer had come, “You enter the homes thru the TV”.