One of the fundamental beliefs of modern day Christianity, as well as the Seventh-day Adventist Church, is the belief in the soon return of Jesus Christ to planet earth.   Most Christians are convinced  through their studies of Bible Prophecy, that all the signs have been fulfilled, and, that the great colossal event of His return is soon to take place.   Then the question  naturally arises, “OK, how will Jesus come back?”.


     Of course, the Biblical answer is found in the book of Acts , chapter 1: verses 9-11.   “In like manner as ye have seen Him go.”   Rational reasoning would then dictate that since there was a passage way, and a planned method of travel, prepared for Jesus to ASCEND into heaven, then there must be a passage way and a planned method of travel prepared for Him to DESCEND from heaven, on His way back to earth


    Through modern technology, scientific study, and Astrology, we have now learned that there is a cluster of stars in the sky known as  “Orion the Hunter”.   Then the question comes,   “What makes Orion special over all the millions and trillions of stars seen and unseen”?   Well, for one thing that cluster of stars is mentioned in the Bible, book of Job.   Secondly, the world of science is very much interested in the study of Orion.


     A scientist by name of John Eisele ( an Astronomer with NASA)  has written several books on the subject, as well as the famous German/English Astronomer, Sir William Herschel who referred to the “LOCH IM HIMMEL”,  which is German for  “HOLE IN THE HEAVEN”.   Also, Ethelbert Bullinger has stated in his book, “THE WITNESS OF THE STARS”, that Orion represents the “COMING PRINCE”.   Another writer, Kenneth Fleming, stated in his book “GOD’S VOICE IN THE STARS”, that Orion represents “THE PRINCE OF GLORY, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST”.   Then, there is the British Orientalist, Robert Brown Jr., who has interpreted the name Orion as an earlier Akkadian word, “URU-ANNA, to mean, “THE LIGHT OF HEAVEN”.   In addition to these scientific writers there was a spiritual writer by the name of Ellen White who also spoke of ORION as “A CORRIDOR FIT FOR A KING”, prepared for “ THE KING OF KINGS, JESUS CHRIST”. 


          When the TV program was named THE ORION CONNECTION, is was designed to significantly impress the TV audience, (at least those who are studying the “Last day Prophecies”),  that when we look up into the darkness, and when we see the vastness of the heavens, and when we realize there is an   “INTELLIGENCE”   that has organized the   “WONDER”   of all that space,  then we must conclude, that there is a highway PREPARED up there somewhere for the return of that  “King”  to planet earth.     


     Hence the name ORION CONNECTION, since we believe that a highway has been prepared, and that it will be right through the Constellation ORION when He returns to earth.   So, dear friend, look up, for  “YOUR  REDEMPTION  DRAWETH  NIGH” 


          The reader is referred to at least two of Dr. Eisele’s books,  “Scientific Highlights From The Book Of Job”,  and “The Marvels and Mistress Of Orion”.